Akita City Yabase Stadium

  • Akita City Yabase Stadium(Akita City)

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  • Executive Suite(Akita City)

  • Yabase Sports Park Ball Field No.2 -1(Akita City)

  • Yabase Sports Park Ball Field No.2 -2(Akita City)

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Sports facility overview

Akita Yabase Stadium is situated in Yabase Sports Park, which is near the central part of Akita City and offers several outdoor facilities for multiple ball sports.

The stadium is the home of the Blaublitz Akita, the football team belonging to the Division 3 of Japan Professional Football League as well as the Akita Northern Bullets, the rugby team in the East Regional Top League.

With not much distance between the stands and the playing field, fans can feel close to the action and excitement of the matches.

Nearby facilities

Yabase Sports Park Second Ball Field

  • Total Area: 10,900 square metres

  • Field Area: 9,880 square metres

  • Number of the fields: one for each of football and rugby

Artificial turf was installed in the Second Field in April 2014.

With the reduction of strain and the prevention of injuries to the athletes in mind, the field has been laid with long-pile artificial turf, which is very similar to natural turf.

1-1 Yabaseundoukouen, Akita-shi, Akita
Nearest airport
Akita Airport (AXT)
Distance from nearest airport
Distance from nearest train station
Opens at:
Closes at:
Year construction complete
Year(s) repair work done

This facility provides training areas for the following sports:

Olympic Sports

  • Rugby

Additional facilities

※「✓」…Available、「 - 」…Not Available

Training room(Inside facility)
Training room(Outside facility)
Studio(Inside facility)
Studio(Outside facility)
Sauna room(Inside facility)
Sauna room(Outside facility)
Steam room(Inside facility)
Steam room(Outside facility)
Bathroom(Inside facility)
Bathroom(Outside facility)
Ice bath(Inside facility)
Ice bath(Outside facility)
Meeting room
Security and guards
Team management office
First aid room
Private medical office
Relaxation room
Multi media room
Massage room
Physiotherapy room
Available for private use
Fully accessible
Doping testing room
Air conditioning (including blocking function)
Available for private training
Transportation service
Emergency hospital(within 30 minutes)
Universal specifications
Lighted facility for night training
Storage(Inside facility)
Storage(Outside facility)


※「✓」…Available、「 - 」…Not Available

Track and field
Water sports facility
Baseball Field/Stadium

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