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Sports facility overview

Tochigi Prefecture Green Stadium

Tochigi Prefecture Green Stadium, which has a seating capacity of 16,000, was completed to be used as a stadium for football and rugby in 1993. Official games for the professional leagues and national competitions have been held here. It has also a sub ground of clay, and there are weight training facilities in the gymnasium near the stadium. It only takes 30 minutes by car from the stadium to major hotels and hospitals.

Property Amenities

Main ground : 11,304 m2 (night lighting/natural grass) Sub ground : 9,750 m2 (clay)

Adjunct Facilities

Showers (20) Locker rooms (carpeted: 2, regular: 2) Multi-functional toilets Press room Medical room Meeting rooms (for 66 people:1; for 65 people:1; for 27 people:6; for 24 people:1)


Accessible toilets Ostomate-friendly toilets Accessible parking

Offered Sports

Rugby: one field (natural grass) Football: one field (natural grass)

Access to Hotels

Hotel Sealuck Pal (4.99 km, 15 minutes by car) Hotel Mystays Utsunomiya (7.55 km, 20 minutes by car) Hotel Higashi-nihon Utsunomiya (8.51 km, 25 minutes by car)

Kiyohara Gymnasium (for training in bad weather)

As part of Kiyohara Central Park facilities, there is a gymnasium, a baseball stadium, tennis courts, and open grass space. The gymnasium consists of a main and a sub arena, a judo hall, training rooms, and shower rooms. Tochigi Prefecture Green Stadium is also located in the neighbourhood, and both facilities together can be used for various sports.

Property Amenities

Main arena: 2,050 m2
Sub arena: 847 m2
Judo hall: 198 m2

Adjunct Facilities

Showers Changing rooms Multi-functional toilets Meeting room Weight training room


Ramped entrance Accessible toilets Accessible parking

Access to Tochigi Prefecture Green Stadium

1.26 km by car

Other Information

25 m indoor pool (6.22 km, 15 minutes by car from Tochigi Prefecture Green Stadium)

32 Kiyoharakogyodanchi, Utsunomiya-shi, Tochigi
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Nearest airport
Tokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport) (HND)
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Year construction complete

This facility provides training areas for the following sports:

Olympic Sports

  • Rugby

Additional facilities

※「✓」…Available、「 - 」…Not Available

Training room(Inside facility)
Training room(Outside facility)
Studio(Inside facility)
Studio(Outside facility)
Sauna room(Inside facility)
Sauna room(Outside facility)
Steam room(Inside facility)
Steam room(Outside facility)
Bathroom(Inside facility)
Bathroom(Outside facility)
Ice bath(Inside facility)
Ice bath(Outside facility)
Meeting room
Security and guards
Team management office
First aid room
Private medical office
Relaxation room
Multi media room
Massage room
Physiotherapy room
Available for private use
Fully accessible
Doping testing room
Air conditioning (including blocking function)
Available for private training
Transportation service
Emergency hospital(within 30 minutes)
Universal specifications
Lighted facility for night training
Storage(Inside facility)
Storage(Outside facility)


※「✓」…Available、「 - 」…Not Available

Track and field
Water sports facility
Baseball Field/Stadium

Other sports facilities in this training camp venues

Athletics field 1

Tochigi Prefectural Sports Park

Athletic Stadium
The athletic field was completed in 1979 as the main venue for the National Sports Festival. It is approved as Level 1 by the Japan Association of Athletics Federations. It is now mainly used for athletics competitions for students and for people with disabilities. Recently, the Hungarian athletics team used this venue for their training camp for the 2015 IAAF World Championships in Beijing. It can also be used as a football field.
Property Amenities
Natural grass
Indoor field
Indoor lanes
Adjunct Facilities
Showers (20)
Locker rooms (two Rooms)
Medical room
Meeting room
Multi-purpose room
Café and restaurants
Weight training room
Access to Hotels
Utsunomiya Tobu Hotel Grande (6.04 km, 17 minutes by car)
Hotel New Itaya (6.18 km, 20 minutes by car)
Hotel Higashi-nihon Utsunomiya (7.8 km, 25 minutes by car)
General Sports Zone New Stadium (scheduled to be completed by March 2020)
In anticipation of hosting the National Sports Festival and the National Sports Festival for People with Disabilities, the city plans to redevelop its current sports park into a General Sports Zone. It will include an athletics and football stadium which will accommodate 25,000 people. All the floors of the stadium will be accessibly designed, and it will be equipped with weight training rooms. Also, there will be a sub stadium (the current athletics stadium will be remodeled) and a multi-purpose field (throwing field) around the stadium, which will help athletes adjust their states.
General Sports Zone New Martial Arts Hall (scheduled to be completed by March 2020)
With the renewal of Tochigi Prefectural Sports Park, the New Martial Arts Hall (for judo, kendo and kyudo) will be constructed. The Hall will have six mats and a seating capacity of 1,500. The sub hall will have four mats as well as areas for spectators. It will be air-conditioned and all floors will be of accessible design.

This facility provides training areas for the following sports:

Olympic Sports
Paralympic Sports
Disability Sports Centre "Wakakusa Arena"

Disability Sports Centre "Wakakusa Arena"

Disability Sports Centre "Wakakusa Arena"
The gymnasium opened its doors in August 2016 and is totally accessible to people with disabilities. It has an arena with one basketball court, gender-segregated accessible toilets, and shower rooms. The entire building is air conditioned. There is a large open lawn space next to the gymnasium. It is located inside the city and only 5 minutes by car from the nearest hospital.
Offered Sports
Goalball: one court (meets IF technical conditions)
Badminton: two courts
Basketball/Wheelchair Basketball: one court
Boccia: four courts
Table tennis: fourteen courts
Volleyball: two courts
Sitting volleyball: two courts

This facility provides training areas for the following sports:

Paralympic Sports

Sports facilities for the same sports in other training camp venues

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