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1-1-1 Hatogaoka, Iwamizawa-shi, Hokkaido
Division in charge of Camps
Board of Education Life Study, Culture, and Sports Promotion Section
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The City of Iwamizawa is located in the eastern part of Hokkaido's Ishikari Plains. It is extremely well located with convenient transportation, and is approximately 25 minutes by train from the island`s central city, Sapporo, and roughly 70 minutes by car from New Chitose Airport.

The city formerly prospered as a transportation hub for coal via the rail network, and is now a centre of rice and onion production. It also boasts the largest growing area and harvested volume of rice in Hokkaido.

Iwamizawa's average annual temperature is 8.7 degrees Celsius; its summers are cool and comfortable and it has abundant greenery.

The Rose Garden in Iwamizawa Park, lying on the outskirts of the city, contains common roses, along with Japanese roses and many other kinds of flowers, which can be seen in bloom from the end of June until the middle of October. In the same park, you can enjoy 46 different types of large-scale rides at Iwamizawa`s very own Hokkaido Greenland Amusement Park, which attracts many tourists every year.

Every year in mid-September, the exciting and powerfully moving Furusato Hyappei Festival is held in the city centre, where a mochi (rice cake) is made using an enormous mortar and pestle.

At the centre of Iwamizawa's educational facilities lies Hokkaido University of Education`s Iwamizawa Campus. The campus specialises in the arts and sports, and boasts full barrier-free concept gymnasiums, as well as a low temperature, low oxygen facility that allows athletes to experience high-altitude training, and various other training machines and equipment. The facilities are available for use during Olympic and Paralympic training camps.

Furthermore, there are two general hospitals in the city and a 24/7 emergency care system is available.

Please consider Iwamizawa as the location for your training camp. Athletes, we are waiting for you!

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The No.3 gymnasium of Hokkaido University of Education Iwamizawa campus

Hokkaido and Tohoku Regions / Hokkaido / Iwamizawa City

The No.3 gymnasium of Hokkaido University of Education Iwamizawa campus, built in 2014, is designed as a complete barrier-free building.
There are various types of training equipment within the uni...

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