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1343-1 Shinkan, Katsuura-shi, Chiba
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Social Education Division
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Welcome to our website introducing Katsuura city.

Katsuura city is located in the southern part of the lower Boso Peninsula, facing the Pacific Ocean on the east side, and blessed with a mild climate. It is a port town having favourable weather, with average yearly temperatures being one or two degrees cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, compared with Tokyo. There has never been a day above 35 degrees in Katsuura City. It is only one hour away from Tokyo Haneda Airport by car using the new expressway development.

Katsuura has many fishing harbours, so fresh fish and shellfish are always abundantly available. In fact, it is near the top in number of catches of bonito and spiny lobster in Japan. Agriculture is very active in our inland region, and there are a wide variety of fresh vegetables and rice grown by local farmers available to buy in the morning market.

Located in Katsuura, International Budo University was founded in 1984, and has produced many athletes who have qualified for international competition. Currently, over 2,000 student athletes at the University are training for martial arts and practicing sports. Many kinds of Budo athletes from all over the world are visiting Katsuura to put in great efforts for Budo training. Just before the Beijing Olympic Games, International Budo University hosted a number of foreign Judo teams here in Katsuura to train and get into good shape.

Since Katsuura is blessed with a richness of nature, there are a variety of activities to enjoy during breaks between Keiko training sessions, such as marine sports and walking trails in the woods and along the coast. There is also a thalassotherapy facility for relaxation and refreshment.

Katsuura City is prepared to meet and exceed the needs and desires for all visitors to Japan. We are excited to interact with all people and share our great food, serious sports, beautiful natural environment and warm weather. We are looking forward to seeing you!

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Athletic field

International Budo Universitiy

Kanto Region / Chiba / Katsuura City

Athletic field
The athletic ground has an area of 29,021 square metres, an all-weather third class athletic field with night lighting accredited by the Japan Association of Athletics Federations....

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