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3-24-1 Motohongo-cho, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo
Division in charge of Camps
International Sports Events Promotion Office
Phone number
http://www.city.hachioji.tokyo.jp/Open in new window

Hachioji is located in the west of Tokyo where approximately 560,000 people live safely and harmoniously. Our city has diversified-sports facilities in rich seasonal beauty.

We have the following five strong merits:

  1. The convenient location from the competition venues. It has the same climate as the centre of Tokyo where the Olympic Village will be located. In addition, two expressways connecting to Hachioji city can direct you to the Olympic Village in an hour by car.

  2. Convenience is compatible with the rich natural environment. Various shops and restaurants are available in the city, especially in downtown Hachioji; you can enjoy the urban district. Meanwhile, as for the sites of sports facilities, clean air and rich nature leads you to concentrate on your training.

  3. Enthusiastic residents and medical services support your team. With many well-equipped hospitals and clinics in the city, we can handle emergency situations and injuries immediately. Also, when our city hosted the cycling competitions in Tokyo 1964, we held many welcome-events in order to offer our hospitality to all athletes. This experience of "Olympic Legacy" has been handed down to today's residents.

  4. Pleasure for Sports; Hachioji is home to a professional basketball team, and a semi-professional football team. The atmosphere of supporting sports activities by citizens has been created since Tokyo 1964 Olympic Games. Thus, our city has produced many Olympians, and six athletes related to our city qualified for the Rio 2016 Games.

  5. The world-famous three-star tourist place, Mt. Takao and delicious local meals. Since Mt. Takao was awarded three-stars by the world-famous tourist guide, many people from all over the world visit here. In addition, you can savour the famous local food, Hachioji Ramen.

You can take advantage of all these merits in our city.

Sports facilities in this training camp venues

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Panoramic view

Kamiyugi Park Athletic Stadium

Kanto Region / Tokyo / Hachioji City

The Kamiyugi Park Athletic Stadium has been certificated as Type 2 by JAAF (Japan Association of Athletic Federation). The stadium has all-weather tracks and photo-finish equipment. The nature around ...

This facility provides training areas for the following sports:

Olympic Sports
Paralympic Sports
Gymnasium Arena

HOSEI University, Tama Campus

Kanto Region / Tokyo / Hachioji City

The gymnasium (including swimming pool and training room), athletic stadium (NF Class 3), and other various facilities get together in one place. The campus is surrounded in rich green, and athletes c...

This facility provides training areas for the following sports:

Olympic Sports
Main Arena

Hachioji City General Gymnasium

Kanto Region / Tokyo / Hachioji City

This gymnasium is the biggest in the Tama area, the west side of Tokyo, which has been opened since October, 2014; it provides the latest, clean and user-friendly equipment.
The main arena has 2,00...

This facility provides training areas for the following sports:

Olympic Sports

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