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7-38 ShinSakura-machi, Toyama-shi, Toyama
Division in charge of Camps
Sports and Health Division, Civic Affairs Department
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Toyama City covers a large area, spreading from the centre to the southeast of Toyama Prefecture, located in the northern part of central Japan. It faces Toyama Bay, with its plentiful fish, to the north, and the magnificent Tateyama mountain range to the east. Hills and mountain villages range to the west, and country views of paddies and forests spread to the south. There are also large and small rivers, such as the Jinzu and the Joganji, running through the city, enriching the culture along their banks. From Toyama Bay with its abundance of sea life to the 3,000-metre mountains, this is a truly breath-taking landscape.

Traditionally, the city was well-known for medicine. And now, it makes efforts to nurture new industries related to environmental preservation, biotechnology and information technology. At the same time, the city promotes tourism, making the most of its tourist attractions such as Yatsuo, which is famous nation-wide for its Owara folk dance, the Tateyama mountain range, All Japan Chindon Contest, etc. Many tourists have been visiting Toyama since the opening of the Hokuriku Shinkansen in 2015.

Toyama City has received many national and international awards as an ecological, sustainable city. In 2012, it was designated one of Japan's 11 "Environmental Future Cities," and the OECD recognised it as having one of the world's most advanced eco-friendly compact city policies. In 2014, Toyama City was selected by the United Nations as the only Japanese city for the new "Sustainable Energy for All" global initiative partnership. It was also selected as the first Japanese city to join the charitable institution100 resilient cities. Toyama City has everything athletes are looking for, including sports facilities for every type of competition, excellent medical care, clean air and water, fresh and delicious food, as well as safety and security. We look forward to seeing you in Toyama!

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Toyama City Gymnasium exterior view

Toyama City Gymnasium

Chubu Region / Toyama / Toyama City

Toyama City Gymnasium was built in 1999 as the city's core facility for sports and recreational activities. The facility is used by everyone from top athletes to amateur sports enthusiasts. As the lar...

This facility provides training areas for the following sports:

Olympic Sports
50m main pool

Toyama Public Swimming Pool

Chubu Region / Toyama / Toyama City

Two hours eight minutes (between Tokyo and Toyama, by Shinkansen bullet train)
Approximately 15 minutes from Toyama station by car
Approximately 40 minutes from Toyama Airport by car

This facility provides training areas for the following sports:

Olympic Sports

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