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401 Aoshima, Shogawa-machi, Tonami-shi, Toyama
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Board of Education Sports Division
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The labours of our predecessors and the current efforts of our citizens have helped to make Tonami into a modern city with well-balanced agricultural, commercial, and industrial sectors. The widespread love of flowers and plants in the city means that Tonami is often called a "Garden City". Watered by the Shogawa River, Tonami has been able to develop premium agricultural products including: delicious rice, exceptional rice seed, and the nation's top tulip bulb production.

Tonami is home to the high-tech factories of leading electronics makers and major beverage manufacturers, as well as numerous small and medium sized firms whose technical skills are highly sought after. Traditional industries are also meeting the challenge of making quality products, meaning that many large commercial facilities have been constructed along the main thoroughfares of the city.

The tulip industry is celebrated every year through the Tonami Tulip Fair, an annual spring extravaganza, which attracts visitors from around Japan and the world. There are other unique events that utilise flowers and other local products, and these include traditional events that have been passed down for generations. These events are the pride of the neighbourhoods and serve to enhance the sense of community wellbeing.

Tonami is often selected as among the best places to live in Japan, which is source of pride for the city and reflects the high quality of our social services.

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Toyama Seibu Sports Centre

Toyama Seibu Sports Centre

Chubu Region / Toyama / Tonami City

1. Court for Olympic and Paralympic sports:
Basketball (Olympic): two courts
Wheelchair Basketball (Paralympic): two courts
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Wheelchair basketball

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