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6-62 Yatsutani, Komo, Kyotamba-cho, Funai-gun, Kyoto
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Social Education Division
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Kyotamba is an agricultural town, located in the centre of Kyoto Prefecture. The town is in the Tamba Highland Region, and is surrounded by mountains ranging from 400 to 600 metres. The southern area of the mountains is part of a larger river basin.

The town covers an area of about 300 square kilometres, 83% of which is forest; the forest is dotted with arable land and homes. For centuries, Kyotamba has flourished as a hub which connects the ancient capital (Kyoto) with the Tango and San-In regions. Even today, the town enjoys an enviable transport infrastructure, including the Kyoto Jukan Expressway, the JR San-In Main Railway Line, and Highway Routes 9, 27 And 173. It takes about one hour to access the Keihanshin Area (Kyoto, Osaka And Kobe).

The main industry in the Tamba region is agriculture. Fertile conditions produce quality cultivated products, which are marketed under the Tamba brand. They are mainly grown in Kyotamba and include rice, Tamba Matsutake Mushrooms, Tamba Chestnuts, Tamba Black Beans, and Tamba Dainagon Azuki Beans. As well as these products, Kyotamba grows Kyoto brand vegetables called Kyo-Yasai, such as Fushimi Cayenne Pepper, and Mizuna, also known as potherb mustard.

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Greenland Mizuho Hockey Ground

Greenland Mizuho Hockey Ground

Kinki Region / Kyoto / Kyotamba Town

In 1985, Greenland Mizuho Hockey Ground was created for the hockey matches of the 1988 National Sports Tournament, which was held in Kyoto. In 1996, the original natural grass fields were replaced wit...

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