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2-4 Chuo-machi, Toyooka-shi, Hyogo
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The Local Community Promotion Department Sports Promotion Section
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Toyooka City is located in the northeastern part of Hyogo Prefecture. To the north is the Sea of Japan; to the east, it is bordered by Kyoto Prefecture. The Maruyama River flows through the central part of the city.

The coastal area is designated as part of the San'in Kaigan National Park, while the mountainous areas are listed as part of the Hyonosen-Ushiroyama-Nagisan Quasi-National Park.

In September 2005 Toyooka City released some oriental white storks back into the wild. The storks, which were at one point nearly extinct, are listed as Special Natural Monuments. In July 2007, wild-born stork chicks successfully reached adulthood and left their nests. This was the first such occurrence in 46 years. This project is unparalleled globally as an example of the successful reintroduction of an endangered species near human habitation.

In terms of tourism, Toyooka is best known for the hot spring town Kinosaki Onsen. Also, there are many other tourist sites, such as the ski fields in the Kannabe Highlands, and castle town Izushi. The area welcomes more than 4 million tourists every year.

Kinosaki and Izushi are appeared in an influential tourism guidebook. Furthermore, another renowned guidebook introduces Kinosaki as the best onsen town in Japan.

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Hyogo Prefectural Tajima Dome

Kinki Region / Hyogo / Toyooka City

A domed all-weather sports ground allows you to keep training without being influenced by the weather. Moreover,you can keep yourself in good condition surrounded by great nature, Kannnabe plateau.

This facility provides training areas for the following sports:

Olympic Sports
Rowing course

Maruyamagawa-Kinosaki Boat Course

Kinki Region / Hyogo / Toyooka City

The Maruyama River flows gently here, and it is possible to row up to 10 km on it. This rowing course is near to the Kinosaki Onsen, a famous hot spring town, so you can experience traditional Japanes...

This facility provides training areas for the following sports:

Olympic Sports

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