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133-6 Nakabirose,Yamasaki-cho,Shiso-shi,Hyogo-pref.,
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Shiso city is locatede in the Midwest of Hyogo prefecture, with Yabu and Tottori prefecture to the north. Asago and Kamikawa to the east, Himeji and Tatsuno to the south, and Sayo and Okayama prefecture to the west. The Chugoku expressway, which connects the Keihanshin and Chugoku regions, and Route 29, which connects the Sanin and Sanyo regions, intersect in Shiso, making it well positioned in an important point in the Nishi Harima area. The center of the city is about 100km from Kobe and about 140km from Osaka. Furthermore,Shiso spans 32kilometers east to west and 42kilometers north to south, making the total area 658.54 square kilometers, which is about 7.8percent of the total area of Hyogo prefecture. Of that, Shiso is predominantly mountainous, with very few flat areas. Among these mountains are the three tallest in the prefecture, Mt.Hyono, Mt.Mimuro, and Mt.Ushiro. These mountains are a part of a 1000m mountain range including the Hyonosen Ushiroyama Nagisan Quasi national park and Onzui Chikusa Prefectural National Park, making Shiso a city filled with lush, green nature. One of the defining characteristics of Shiso is its nationally acclaimed natural beauty. This includes the clear waters of Ibogawa River and the Chiku River, named as one of Japanese best 100 rivers, the exquisite scenery of the Fukuchi ravine, Akasai ravine, Onzui ravine, and Hikihara Dam the beauty of Harafudou Waterfall, named one of Japanese top 100 water falls, and the nationally recognized sweet scent of the 1000 year old wisteria vine. With all of these things and more, Shiso hasa something for everyone and every season.

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Lake Onzui Aerial photo

Lake Onzui Canoe Sprint Course

Kinki Region / Hyogo / Shiso City

Onzui canoe sprint course is located in the picturesque lake Onzui,a man-made lake surrounded by the natural beauty of the Hyonosen Ushiroyama Nagisan National Park.
The water from the Hyonosen wate...

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Canoe Sprint

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