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870-1 Kasumi, Kasumi-ku, Kami-cho, Mikata-gun, Hyogo
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http://www.town.mikata-kami.lg.jp/Open in new window

Kami-cho is located in the north part of Hyogo, western Japan. It covers 369 square kilometres, and is in the centre of the San-in Coast Geopark. The north side of the area faces the Sea of Japan, and 1,000-metre mountains stand to the south.

It takes minimum three hours from Tottori Airport to Tokyo. By car, it takes about three hours to reach Osaka, Kyoto, and Kobe.

It is the place of origin of the Tajima Cow, a Japanese beef known for its high quality, and has some of the best fishing ports on the coast of Sea of Japan. Marine creatures such as Matsuba queen crab and flatfish are abundant, too. The city also produces high quality rice and sake, both of which won gold medals in national contests.

The town attracts many lovers of outdoor sports from across the world throughout the year: for sea bathing in summer and for skiing in winter as well as for marathon races and trail running. As it is cool particularly in summer, students visit the town for sports training camp. Visitors can see the work of Okyo Maruyama, an artist known for his paintings depicting Japanese culture.

Ojiro, where the archery competition site is located, has been certified as one of the Most Beautiful Villages in Japan.

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Lawn ground

Ojiro Kenkou Park

Kinki Region / Hyogo / Kami Town

Lawn park

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