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16 Fumotomachi, Hitoyoshi-shi, Kumamoto
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Social Education Division, Board of Education
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Hitoyoshi City is located in the southern part of Kumamoto Prefecture. For 700 years, it prospered as a castle town of Sagara. Hitoyoshi is said to be the richest "kakurezato", or hidden village, in Japan due to its many attractions such as hot springs, shrines, temples, and boat tours along the beautiful Kuma River. Hitoyoshi is at a height of 105m above sea level. It has large temperature differences that clearly mark the four seasons rather than a mild climate. Fog occurs during the winter season, which is a characteristic trait of the basin.

There are many different kinds of public transportation available in Hitoyoshi.The Hisatsu JR line run by SL Hitoyoshi connects Hitoyoshi to Kagoshima. Also, there is the Kyushu Motorway Hitoyoshi interchange. It takes about an hour to reach Kagoshima Airport by taking the motorway.

The Kuma River, which flows through the city from east to west, is one of the three fastest rivers in Japan. Canoeing and rafting are popular activities among tourists. Boating down the Kuma River, so-called "Kumagawa kudari", is another popular activity with a long history. Dr. Tamura, a well-known national park creator, has acclaimed the Kuma River as the world's best water chute. The Kuma River became the venue for the 1998 Kumamoto National Athletic Meet and the 2014 Nagasaki National Athletic Meet for canoeing (slalom wild water).

Many of the visitors who stayed in the "ryokans" (Japanese-style guest houses) gave excellent reviews for many reasons such as their proximity to the city centre and the river and comfortableness of the accommodations.

The city has recently introduced halal meal choices for Muslims.

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Urban area

Kuma River natural canoe course

Kyushu and Okinawa Regions / Kumamoto / Hitoyoshi City

The Kuma River is one of the three fastest rivers in Japan. The river runs through the city and it provides a natural canoe course. In the past, the National Athletic Meet was held here twice.

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Canoe Slalom

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