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2-6-1 Tashima, Hita-shi, Oita
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Social Education Division
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Hita is located in the centre of Kyushu in western part of Oita Prefecture, close to Fukuoka and Kumamoto Prefectures.

In reference to Hita's extremely pure and clear water, it is called "Suikyo Hita" ("suikyo" literally means "village of water") and was chosen as one of the 100 Selected Water Spots by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport in 1995.

Due to its favourable access, Hita has developed as a centre of government, economy, and culture of Kyushu for a long time, and throughout its old streets, traditional cultures have continued to be passed down.

Hita holds the Tenryo Hita Ohina Festival in Mameda Town and Kuma Town from the middle of February to the last day of March. This is a Doll Festival where old girls' dolls are displayed. This festival is one of the traditional cultural events of Hita. Mameda was selected as an important preservation district of historical buildings in 2004. In the streets of the old-established families who began the townspeople's culture, there are many gorgeous old girls' dolls that were obtained from Kyoto and Osaka during the Edo Period. They are kept on display during the Doll Festival.

Kuma Town is also very bustling during the festival. There are many old-fashioned buildings and a district of hotels with hot spring spas. You will be able to relax while soaking in a hot spring spa overlooking the Mikuma River.

Hita has a hot spring district not only in the main city, but also in Amagase, which is separated from the Hita City area. The Amagase hot spring spa has been used for around 1,300 years. There are about 20 hotels with hot spring spas near the Kusu River, as well as an unusual hot spring spa on the banks of the river.

For all the reasons stated above, Hita is a charming city with the beautiful and pure water of Suikyo Hita, the old streets of Mameda Town, and many relaxing hot spring spas.

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