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1-23-7 Asahi, Koriyama-shi, Fukushima
Division in charge of Camps
Sports Promotion Division, Culture and Sports Department
Phone number
http://honyaku.j-server.com/LUCKORIYAM/ns/tl.cgi/http%3a//www.city.koriyama.fukushima.jp/?SLANG=ja&TLANG=en&XMODE=0&XCHARSET=utf-8&XJSID=0Open in new window

Located in the centre of Fukushima Prefecture, Koriyama City, thanks to its close proximity to the Tokyo Metropolitan area (approximately 77 minutes away by the Tohoku Shinkansen), and the convenience of its transport infrastructure with the rail network and the Tohoku and Ban-etsu Expressways intersecting the area, has continued to develop as the economic hub of Fukushima, where people, products and information converge.

Koriyama is one of Japan's leading producers of rice. With its national A- ranking for food quality and taste, it lives up to its reputation as a komedokoro(rice area). Koriyama is also a leading producer of carp. Depending on the cooking method, you can expect various kinds of taste.

In recent years, Koriyama has also hosted various professional sports events on a national level. Sports truly heat up the whole city.

Sports facilities in this training camp venues

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Koriyama Sogo Gymnasium

Koriyama Sogo Gymnasium

Hokkaido and Tohoku Regions / Fukushima / Koriyama City

(1) Courts for Olympic sports
Badminton (Olympic): 15 courts
Basketball (Olympic), wheelchair basketball (Paralympic): three courts
Table tennis (Olympic & Paralympic): 50 tables

This facility provides training areas for the following sports:

Olympic Sports
Gymnastics Artistic
Gymnastics Rhythmic
Table Tennis
Paralympic Sports
Wheelchair basketball
Table tennis
Kaiseizan Athletics Track Field 1

Kaiseizan Athletics Track Field

Hokkaido and Tohoku Regions / Fukushima / Koriyama City

(1) Olympic sport
(2) Paralympic sport
(3) Track length
400 m (sub track: 300 m)
(4) Course
Eight lanes, all-weather (sub track: six lanes), certif...

This facility provides training areas for the following sports:

Olympic Sports
Paralympic Sports

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