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  • Iwaki Fireworks Festival(Iwaki City)

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21 Umemoto, Taira, Iwaki-shi, Fukushima
Division in charge of Camps
Culture and Sports Office, Sports Promotion Division
Phone number
http://www.city.iwaki.lg.jp/www/index.htmlOpen in new window

Iwaki City has the largest area of all the municipalities in Fukushima. Its 60-km-long coastline on the Pacific offers fantastic views. Thanks to its relatively cool summer, visitors can enjoy their stay comfortably.

Thanks to the Joban Line and the Joban Expressway that run through the city area, it only takes two hours from Tokyo to Iwaki.

In terms of tourism, Hula Girls (became famous by the film of "Hula Girls") and hot springs are major attractions in I waki City.

Sports facilities in this training camp venues

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Main track

Iwaki Athletic Stadium

Hokkaido and Tohoku Regions / Fukushima / Iwaki City

Main track:
All-weather 400 m track, eight-lane oval, nine-lane straightway,
Natural-turf infield,
JAAF-authorised Class 2 athletic stadium
Sub track:
All-weather 300m track, four-lane oval...

This facility provides training areas for the following sports:

Olympic Sports

Iwaki City Gymnasium

Hokkaido and Tohoku Regions / Fukushima / Iwaki City

[Main arena]
Floor space 2090 m2
Convertible to two basketball courts
[Sub arena]
Floor space 860 m2
Convertible to one basketball court
[Associated facilities]
Dressing rooms, shower...

This facility provides training areas for the following sports:

Olympic Sports

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