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2-3-1 Shiwachuoekimae, Shiwa-cho, Shiwa-gun, Iwate
Division in charge of Camps
Lifelong Learning Division, BOARD OF EDUCATION
Phone number

Shiwa is located in the centre of Iwate Prefecture, between the city of Kitakami and the Ou Mountains. It is a lush area with Kitakami River running through it. Shiwa has a population of roughly 33,000.

Being located in the centre of Iwate Prefecture, Shiwa has an advanced transportation network. Excluding sea travel, all forms of public transportation are within 30 minutes from town, making it accessible both domestically and internationally.

The average yearly temperature is 10 degrees Celsius, with the rainy season continuing from July through September. The average temperature in summer is 27 degrees Celsius, and -6 degrees Celsius in winter. Winter is characteristically cold but summer is cool and pleasant.

Shiwa has a thriving agricultural industry, known especially for its production of glutinous rice, grapes and pears. Its agriculture is supported by the quiet rural landscape and mountainous backdrop. Furthermore, the convenience provided by its transportation network and the progressive urbanisation in its central area are all part of Shiwa's charm.

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Ogal Arena

Hokkaido and Tohoku Regions / Iwate / Shiwa Town

Ogal Arena is one of the few dedicated volleyball facilities in Japan. It was designed with a focus on court flooring, lighting, and acoustics. The flooring uses the same sport surface as that officia...

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