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1-1-1 Oinomori, Tendo-shi, Yamagata
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Culture and Sports Section
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Tendo City is located at the central part of eastern Yamagata-prefecture. Having Yamagata City to the south and Sendai City, the largest city in the Tohoku area, to the east of Tendo City, inter-prefecture access is very convenient with the highway and Yamagata Shinkansen train service running through the city, and also Yamagata Airport is in close proximity.

Tendo City is famous for specialties such as Shogi (Japanese chess) pieces. Tendo City is the largest producer of Shogi pieces among various parts of Japan. It is believed that Shogi piece production began in the Edo Period as a side job of members of the old Tendo clan in Tendo City. In April, the Sakura Cherry blossom festival takes place. One of the events held on Mt. Maizuru is a professional Shogi match called Human Shogi. In Human Shogi, Shogi pieces are acted by human and many citizens and tourists come to cheer.

In the central part of Tendo City, there are 11 Japanese-style inns with hot-springs, and additionally there are two municipally-managed public Japanese bath centres. Day-trip hot spring and footbaths facilities can be enjoyed casually throughout the year. Men and women at all ages can participate in an event called Japan Lip Beauty Contest by applying a lipstick mark on a piece of paper. Since you can also participate on this event via internet, the number of applications is from 3,000 to 4,000 every year, and it is seen as a unique event.

La France pears and cherries are popular local fruits, and the city is known as Japan's major producer of La France pears. Many other specialty foods such as Tendo beef are praised inside and outside the prefecture, as well as sake and wines which have won various prizes.

In sports, the Japan Professional Football League club Montedio Yamagata represents the area and provides interactive events for infants and children. The Tendo La France Marathon is held in November, attracting about 4,000 runners from all over the nation.

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Yamagata Prefectural General Sports Park

Hokkaido and Tohoku Regions / Yamagata / Tendo City

Yamagata-Prefecture General Sports Park was introduced as a place of a sports activities and recreational activities, taking the 47th National Sports Meet held in 1992 as an opportunity.
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