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3710 Ryugasaki-shi, Ibaraki
Division in charge of Camps
Sports Promotion Division
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Ryugasaki is located in the southern part of Ibaraki Prefecture. It is approximately 50 km northeast of Tokyo and 20 km south of Tsukuba Science City. Ryugasaki lies 20 km northwest of New Tokyo International Airport (Narita). It is 12 km wide from east to west and 9 km from north to south. Ryugasaki has an area of 78.55 km2.

The northern part of Ryugasaki, located between the Inashiki Plateau and the Tokyo metropolitan area, 50 km away, boasts numerous urbanisation projects under the auspices of Ryugasaki Newtown and Tsukuba's Industrial Area. The Kinugawa and Kokai Rivers meet in the south to create a rich environment for vast rice fields. The city is the centre of agriculture in southern Ibaraki. Lake Ushiku lies in the west. It is home to many swans and a thriving natural habitat.

The climate in Ryugasaki is relatively stable. There are four seasons, and the average annual temperature is a fair 14 degrees Celsius. Annual rainfall is around 1,000 mm. There is very little snowfall. It snows only one to or three times a year, and precipitation rarely exceeds 15 cm.

Ryugasaki places great emphasis on sports and health. There are gymnasiums, track fields, a baseball stadium, and a sports park. Ryutsu Keizai University is also located in Ryugasaki. The university not only stresses academic performance, but sports as well.

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Arena 1

Ryugasaki-shi General Exercise Park

Kanto Region / Ibaraki / Ryugasaki City

Tatsunoko Arena
17,369 m2
Main arena (37 m X 47 m)
Sub arena (32 m X 20 m)
Multi-purpose room (27 m X 8 m)
Judo hall (approx. 14 m x 14 m)
Kendo hall (16 m X 15 m)

This facility provides training areas for the following sports:

Olympic Sports
Paralympic Sports

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