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  • Tara-kyo Gorge(Ogaki City)

  • Sunomata-Ichiya-jo Castle(Ogaki Cuty)

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2-29 Marunouchi, Ogaki-shi, Gifu
Division in charge of Camps
Social Education and Sports Promotion Division, Board of Education
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Ogaki City is located in Central Japan. Foreign cities located at the same latitude as Ogaki are Los Angeles, Oklahoma City (U.S.A), Pusan (South Korea) and Tehran (Iran).

Situated between Tokyo and Osaka, and to the north-west of Nagoya City, Ogaki enjoys good access to major Japanese cities. The city is a prosperous business centre and crossroads that connects East and West Japan. The JR Tokaido Line, Tokaido Shinkansen Line and Tomei Expressway connect the city with major metropolitan areas; Nagoya is a 30-minute train ride away, Chubu International Airport is one and a half hours away by car, Tokyo is two and a half hours away by Shinkansen, and Osaka is one and a half hours away by Shinkansen.

The summer is hot and humid, with average daytime temperature between 25 degree Celsius and 35 degree Celsius, although the temperature sometimes exceeds 38 degree Celsius. In the winter, sometimes we have snowfalls which cover the city and create silver world. Spring and autumn are comfortable with a mild climate.

Ogaki is known as the final destination of Matsuo Basho, the world famous haiku poet, during his haiku writing journey called Oku-no-hosomichi, which has been translated as 'The Narrow Road to the Deep North'. The city takes pride in its history as a centre of education and culture, including haiku writing. Another distinguishing feature of Ogaki is its abundant good quality ground water, which made the city one of the leading industrial cities in Gifu. So, now it is called "The City of Water".

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Ogaki Municipal Budokan (Gymnasium for Martial Arts)

Chubu Region / Gifu / Ogaki City

The Ogaki Municipal Budokan (gymnasium for martial arts) was opened in 1998. This facility was built to reflect traditional Japanese architecture, and the aim of becoming a centre of the promotion of ...

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Olympic Sports

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