Mizunami City

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1-47 Yamanochi, Akiyo-cho, Mizunami-shi, Gifu
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Sports, Museums, and Cultural Property Section
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Mizunami City is located at approximately 40 kilometres from Nagoya and Gifu City, the northeast end of the Nobi Plain, central Japan. The city is one of the commercial and industrial towns developed with the production of the Mino ware which originated from the Muromachi period. Mizunami, surrounded by abundant nature, has been in the bottom of the seas very long ago. Fossils are excavated from various parts of the town that is why it is well-known as the town yielding rich-fossils, Koseki-no-machi.

Together with the stone-paved streets and milestone, the old houses such as Okute-juku and Hosokute-juku with lattice doors can still be found in Nakasendo, located in the northern part of the city. You can feel the prosperity of the old times from here.

On the other hand, various museums, sports facilities, and public research institutions can be found around Mizunami interchange, Chuo Expressway which has been developed as a science city. While utilizing historical properties, we have been promoting this as a science city packed with the most-advanced technology. We aim to be the bridge between the past and the future not only in Japan but in the world; that is Mizunami City.

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Bellflower Country Club

Chubu Region / Gifu / Mizunami City

Bellflower Country Club, designed by Mr. Shoichi Suzuki, was opened in 1993. It is a corporate members only exclusive golf course of the Toyota group.
It is located in Mizunami City, Gifu Prefectur...

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