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3431-1 Ota-cho, Minokamo-shi, Gifu
Division in charge of Camps
Sports Promotion Division
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Minokamo City, Gifu Prefecture is located in the centre of Southern Japan, and covers an area of 74.81 square kilometres, It faces the mountain ranges of Hida and Oku-Mino in the north, while in the south we can see the fertile lands of the Nobi Plains that stretch along the Kisogawa River. The climate is mild and warm, and is easy to live in.

Minokamo City grew to fame as the Ota-juku post town, which was the fifty-first post town on the Nakasendo Highway. Even today it is considered as a strategic transportation point, with Routes 21, 41, and 248 running through the city. JR Mino-ota Station and the Minokamo Interchange are also found here. The city covers a wide area, making it a highly convenient place. (It takes 2 hours and 20 minutes away from Tokyo by bullet train, and about 40 minutes away from Nagoya by the 'Wide View Hida'.)

It has fascinating sightseeing spots such as the Heisei Memorial Village, 'Nihon Showamura', the Nakasendo Hall, the Yamanoue Orchard, and historical places such as the Nakasendo Ota-juku, Shogen-ji Temple, and Zuirin-ji Temple. Also, there are local specialities such as Yamanoue Fruits and Dojo Hachiyagaki, which is famous for dried persimmons with 1000 years of history.

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Plaza Chutai

Minokamo City Central Gymnasium, Plaza Chutai

Chubu Region / Gifu / Minokamo City

Facility's total floor space: 12,748 m2
Building area: 3,529 m2
Construction: Reinforced concrete construction - part steel frame, One basement; 3 floors above ground floor
Parking lot: 11...

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Table Tennis

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