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515 Takasu,Kaizu-cho,Kaizu City,Gifu Prefecture
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Kaizu City is located in the southwest of Gifu Prefecture, next to Kuwana City Mie Prefecture and Aisai City Aichi Prefecture. It is close to the Shinkansen Gifu Hashima station, and the transportation is good.

For pre-camping, we are also getting cooperation not only from Kaizu City, but also Aisai city and Kuwana city, so you can camp safely.

Sports facilities in this training camp venues

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NAGARAGAWA International Regatta Course

Chubu Region / Gifu / Kaizu City

The Nagaragawa international regatta course has just hosted FISA 2005 World Rowing Championships.
This place is also the site of the Canoe Sprint venue of the Gifu National Sports Festival and the ve...

This facility provides training areas for the following sports:

Olympic Sports
Beach Volleyball
Canoe Sprint
Paralympic Sports

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