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2-3-5 Muro-machi, Sakaide-shi, Kagawa
Division in charge of Camps
Kagawa Prefectural Government Exchange Promotion Division
Phone number

Area: 92.47 square kilometres (35.703 square miles)

East longitude: 133 degrees 51 minutes 38 seconds

North latitude: 34 degrees 18 minutes 59 seconds

Sakaide City is located in the central part of Kagawa Prefecture, west of Takamatsu City, the prefectural capital. To the north, Sakaide faces the Seto Inland Sea, with its beautiful scattering of islands. Since the Seto Ohashi Bridge was opened in 1988, the city has been known as the gateway to Shikoku, connecting the island to the mainland of Honshu. Historically, Sakaide flourished as a city of numerous salt fields and a salt shipping centre. The Port of Sakaide was designated a Major Port in 1951 and a Specially Designated Major Port by the nation in fiscal year 2010. The city's coastal industrial zone is the largest in the prefecture.

Sakaide Ohashi Festival has been held every August since 1966, and all citizens participate in this event. Starting with the Seto Ohashi Parade, people of all ages dance enthusiastically, and a fireworks display lights up the summer night. More than ten Taikodai drum floats representing each districts of the city gather around the Sakaide Station Square to participate in the "Kakikurabe," lifting competition as the festival reaches its climax. Teams of about 150 men lifting up the Taikodai float which weighs more than two tons always enthral spectators.

Local specialties of Sakaide include "Kintoki Imo" (sweet potato), "Kintoki Ninjin" (carrot), and "Kintoki Mikan"(mandarin orange), collectively known as the "Sakaide Three Kintoki." Kintoki means red, and they are popular for their high sugar content and rich nutrition in addition to their vivid color. Moreover, the city of Sakaide has created a certification system for products bearing the "Sakaide Brand" trademark.

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Canoe Course

Lake Fuchu Canoe Course

Chugoku and Shikoku Regions / Kagawa / Sakaide City

This location has received certification from the Japan Canoe Federation as an A-level course. It has hosted training camps and international tournaments for the Asian region, and it is one of the few...

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Canoe Sprint
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