• Red Brick Office(Former Hokkaido Government Office Building)

  • Mount Hakodate

  • Mount Yotei

  • Iceberg Walking

  • Daisetsuzan

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Starting with the diverse expressions of the magnificent nature through each season, Hokkaido is filled with attractive foods raised from safe and secure fertile land, as well as vast oceans.

South Hokkaido

This area is surrounded by the ocean from three sides. You can enjoy a rich view filled with variety along the coast. This area has become a “treasure vault of food” because of the warm temperatures and well-regulated terrestrial heat conditions where agricultural produce can be raised and marine produce can be hunted at excellent fishing grounds.

Central Hokkaido

Within this region is Hokkaido’s biggest city, Sapporo, and Noboribetsu Hot Spring, one of the best hot springs of Japan. As well as many tourist areas like Toyako Lake, a popular tourist spot where you can view Mount Usu, Mount Showashin, and Mount Yotei. In addition, there is also the city of Otaru, a popular tourist area; beautiful attractive scenery of Niseko; and a ski resort called Rusutsu.

East Hokkaido

Within this region, there is the World Natural Heritage Site, Shiretoko National Park, as well as other national parks, quasi-national parks, and natural parks. There are also many endangered species, such as specially protected species like the Japanese crane and marimo inhabiting this area. Furthermore, the Tokachi region is also famous as a kingdom of agriculture where you can experience the best ingredients and the best raw materials to one’s heart content.

North Hokkaido

Japan’s largest national park “Daisetsuzan National Park” and “Rishiri-Rebun-Sarobetsu National Park”, where endemic species of plants and animals grow and inhabit, are located in this area. Depending on the season and weather, you can see and enjoy the variety of the intensity and beauty of the nature that can only be seen in this area. On the other side, you can see gentle hills and multicoloured flowers and crops swaying in the wind on a plain, and the relaxing scene of carefree cows eating grass.

Camp grounds in this area