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Located in the Tohoku

Aomori is a prefecture located in the Tohoku (north east) region of Honshu. Further north of Aomori is the Tsugaru Strait, where Hokkaido awaits on the other side. To Aomori`s south lies Iwate Prefecture; the Pacific Ocean can be found on the East, and the Japan Sea on the West. Aomori Prefecture is located 580km away from the site of the Olympic Games in Tokyo. By using the Tohoku Shinkansen from Tokyo, Aomori Prefecture can be reached in under 3 hours. Taking domestic flights from Tokyo, Aomori Prefecture is only approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes away. In addition to this, Aomori Prefecture also has an international airport, with regular flights (especially from Seoul in South Korea) making Aomori conveniently accessible from abroad.

Active in sports all year round

It is often said that “sport is thriving” in Aomori Prefecture. Residents of Aomori Prefecture are active in sports all year round, and Aomori has produced Japanese athletes that have competed on the national stage, as well as in various World Championships, and the Olympic Games. Notable Olympic athletes include two-time consecutive gold medalist in judo, the late Hitoshi Saito. Other athletes include Hiroshi Izumi (also judo); softball player Haruka Saito; wrestlers Kosei Akaishi, Chiharu Icho, Kaori Icho and Hitomi Obara; cyclist Tsutomu Sakamoto; and archer Takaharu Furukawa. Additionally, Olympic athletes work together with other top athletes and leaders in the community as part of the “Aomori Athlete Network”. This organization promotes sports, health, and encourage young people to participate through a series of social contribution activities.

Attractions in Aomori

Aomori Prefecture contains UNESCO World Heritage Sites including the Shirakami Mountains. Other notable landmarks include Hirosaki Castle; Lake Towada; the Hakkoda mountains; Mount Iwaki; the rock formations of Hotokegaura; as well as the Jomon period archaeological site, Sannai-Maruyama. Aomori also hosts a variety of hotsprings, and can be regarded as a treasure trove of valuable cultural and historical heritage. In addition, agricultural produce is also a major attraction, with apples and fish being regarded as especially delicious within Japan. We hope that you will be able to experience the amazing nature, culture, and cuisine of Aomori Prefecture for yourself.

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