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Rich in natural beauty

Rich in natural beauty, Akita Prefecture is located in northeastern Japan, roughly 450 kilometers north and about an hour's flight from Tokyo. It is cooler than Tokyo, lower temperatures and humidity. Akita is well-situated to ease adjustment to time differences and for athletes to fine-tune their physical conditioning. Akita has ideal travel access, climate and facilities, and can fulfill every country's needs for a training camp where athletes can develop their strength. Every facility and environment will be thoroughly prepared and fully supported. At the 2001 World Games in Akita, 3250 athletes and staff from about 80 countries and regions took part in 31 competitions. Based on the success of this international tournament, we are confident that we can accommodate people from around the world.
Akita has a robust medical system. We will support your team with a carefully-planned system of emergency treatments for injuries and illnesses during the training camp.

Attractions in Akita

In the town of Kakunodate, these traditional Japanese-style mansions (Samurai Residences), where samurai lived in about 1620, have been preserved as they were at that time. You can experience the history. The beautiful cherry trees set off the area in spring.
The Akita Kanto Festival is a traditional summer festival of Akita in which hundreds of lanterns, each weighs about 50kg, hanging from bamboo poles in the night sky create a beautiful sight. Akita has many hot springs, both well-known and 'hidden treasures'. Especially popular are the open-air baths in the mountains, surrounded by autumn foliage. There are many winter festivals, which make a fantasy world. Among them are the Namahage Festival, in which demon masks are worn for driving away evil spirits.

Traditional Food Culture

Akita is rice-growing district, which is at high rank in the country. Kiritanpo is cooked rice mashed and wrapped around skewers, then toasted. It is a famous Akita dish, accompanying a hotpot of local ingredients. Also, served with Miso (soybean paste). Sake (rice wine) is also produced and thrives here. And Sake in Akita is very popular not only in Japan but also in foreign countries. Many are exported every year. Inaniwa Udon, one of Japan's three major kinds of udon noodles, is 300-year old tradition. Its delicate taste is very popular.

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