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The most suitable conditions

Tochigi has the most suitable conditions for your pre-training camps, including a comfortable natural environment, a love of sports, and an abundance of sightseeing areas. This is where the Hungarian athletics team carried out their pre-training camps for the Beijing IAAF World Championships in August 2015. They were able to concentrate on their training under the support of local staff and students in a calm environment while also enjoying meals made of local ingredients as well as a local festival.

Blessed both geographically and naturally

To start, Tochigi is blessed both geographically and naturally. From Haneda and Narita Airports, it takes only approximately 150 minutes to reach the capital Utsunomiya on the expressway, and from Tokyo Station, approximately 50 minutes on the bullet train, “Shinkansen”. Additionally, the mountains blessed with an abundance of trees range through the prefecture and create very pure water and air. For these reasons, many international residents, including ambassadors of several countries, have built their villas here. It is possible to leave Tokyo for just a few hours to spend a relaxing time here.

A fantastic place for sports

Secondly, Tochigi is a fantastic place for sports. Tochigi has its own professional basketball, football (soccer), road cycling, and ice hockey teams, and therefore has stadiums and gymnasiums maintained sufficiently in various locations. In addition, all the teams contribute positively to the area and are therefore loved by the people here. We welcome all athletes that will participate in the Games to see for themselves this hospitality Tochigi has to offer.

Many excellent resources for tourism

Finally, Tochigi has many excellent resources for tourism; in particular, the shrines and temples of Nikko, the World Heritage Site, and the flower garden in Ashikaga, designated a "Dream Destination for 2014" by an American TV station, attract many domestic and international tourists. In addition, there are many delicious local foods produced with great care. People from all across the country come to eat its famous Gyoza (pot stickers), and Tochigi leads the country in strawberry production. Tochigi is the perfect place to rid yourself of your Pre-Game nerves with sightseeing and uniquely delicious meals.

Tochigi is overflowing with various attractions to satisfy athletes, so please consider Tochigi as the location for your pre-training camps for the Games.

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