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The center of the Japanese archipelago

Gunma is located in the center of the Japanese archipelago on the Kanto Plain within 100 km radius of the Tokyo Metropolitan Area. The three Shinkansen bullet trains (Joetsu, Nagano, and Hokuriku) take you to Gunma from Tokyo in just an hour. If you drive, four expressways (Kan-etsu, Joshin-etsu, Kitakanto, and Tohoku) give you the access to the Pacific Ocean, the Japan Sea, the Tohoku Region, and the Chukyo to Kansai Regions from Gunma, covering the entire nation.

Three world championships

In the 1990’s, Gunma hosted three world championships. In 1990, UCI Truck Cycling World Champions was held in Green Dome Maebashi. In 1993, ISU World Sprint Speed Skating Championships was held in Gunma Prefectural Sports Center’s Ikaho Ice Skate Rink in Shibukawa. In 1999, IAAF World Indoor Championships in Athletics was held in Green Dome Maebashi. All of these big events were a huge success. We helped these championship participants leave Gunma with fond memories.

Gunma’s tourism

When we talk about Gunma’s tourism, first and foremost, we have to mention the Tomioka Silk Mill and Related Sites which was inscribed as UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage in 2014.

Gunma has many treasures its citizens are proud of. The Gunma Symphony Orchestra is one such treasure. It is among the country’s oldest civil orchestra. Gunkyo has been giving music classes at local elementary schools, junior high schools, and senior high schools since its inception 70 years ago. These music classes offered a total of six million students the opportunity to listen to genuine classical music over the years, encompassing the inclusiveness and encouragement of participation which the Olympic Movement also promotes.

Many attractive urban and rural faces

Gunma is blessed with such natural beauties as 2,000-meter-high mountains, wetlands, and limpid streams. Different cities play different roles in Gunma such as an administrative center, business center, commercial area, or industrial capital, each of which is geographically dispersed. All in all, Gunma has many attractive urban and rural faces. People actively enjoy sports.

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