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Excellent traffic accessibility

Saitama Prefecture is an inland prefecture which lies adjacent to the northern border of Metropolitan Tokyo, and is located at a place which has excellent traffic accessibility and a much lower risk of natural disasters. It is possible for people to access Saitama Prefecture in less than an hour from the Olympic Village using the express highway, and commercial bus services are available between Haneda and Narita international airports, and each city in Saitama Prefecture. By railway you can access the major terminal of Saitama, Omiya station from Tokyo station within 30 minutes. Thus, in Saitama Prefecture, the expressway and railway networks are well established.

Sports paradise

Saitama is known as a “sports paradise” in Japan, and has various world class facilities which are used for a variety of athletic events such as Kumagaya Rugby Field which will be used for the 2019 World Rugby Cup, Saitama Super Arena for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics (for basketball), Saitama Stadium 2002 (for soccer), Kasumigaseki Country Club (for golf), and the Asaka Training Range of the Japan Defense Army (for shooting). Saitama citizens are extremely passionate about sports, and the fans of the local professional soccer team, Urawa Red, are said to be the most fanatical supporters in Japan. In addition to this, there are also professional teams such as Soccer, Baseball and Basketball. Furthermore, many top ranking corporate teams for handball and volleyball compete, declaring Saitama Prefecture as their home town.

Historical and cultural sightseeing resources

Saitama Prefecture has lots of historical and cultural sightseeing resources such as Kawagoe City which has retained its old streetscape featuring historic architecture; the Chichibu Night Festival which is famous for its gorgeous festival music and floats; and the Sakitama Ancient Mound Complex from which the name of Saitama Prefecture was taken. Nowadays animated films attract attention as a new sightseeing resource. In Saitama Prefecture there are many locations appearing in the popular animation films, and consequently Saitama Prefecture is recognized as a hot spot for anime fans.

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