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Home to Narita International Airport

Situated within the Greater Tokyo Area, Chiba Prefecture is surrounded by oceans and rivers, and is rich in natural waters and greenery. Chiba is also home to Narita International Airport and multiple rail and road networks link it to Tokyo. The prefecture is gaining a reputation as a hub for international people and planning, and also boasts some of Japan’s top theme parks and major commercial facilities. Chiba is a year-round tourist area, with beaches to enjoy in the summer, leaves changing colour in the fall, and flower and strawberry picking in winter and spring.

Aided by a mild climate, favorable location and the high technology and passion of producers, Chiba is also a leader in agriculture, forestry and fishery industries. The prefecture delivers the goods it produces throughout the nation, and in recent years is working hard to export these goods to other nations.

A sports mecca

Chiba also aspires to be a sports mecca, and it promotes lifelong sports, establishes sports environments, and vitalizes its communities through sports. These activities have made Chiba a community where all residents can easily pursue sports. Many Japanese athletes participating in international competitions are from Chiba.

Chiba has a reputation for hosting international sports events and training camps. For example, Chiba has hosted the 1991 World Table Tennis Championships, the 1995 World Judo Championships, the 1998 FIVB Volleyball Championships, the International Swim Meet 2007 in Japan, and the 2015 IWBF Asia Oceania Championships. The prefecture was also the venue for the training camps of three nations for the 2015 IAAF World Championships in Athletics held in China and has received high praise for its warm hospitality and well-developed facilities.

The prefecture’s Makuhari Messe convention center

The same will be true for the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics. The prefecture’s Makuhari Messe convention center will serve as the venue for fencing, wrestling and taekwondo during the Olympics, and during the Paralympics will host the goalball, taekwondo, sitting volleyball and wheelchair fencing competitions. Chiba is preparing to welcome everyone, developing the finest venues and training camp grounds so that the athletes can perform at their peak and ensuring that the many visitors can enjoy watching the games in comfort and take advantage of all the opportunities that await.

Camp grounds in this area