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Tokyo is an outstanding world-renowned metropolis. As the center of Japan’s economy, politics, and culture and also the Host City of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Tokyo takes pride in its world-class infrastructure with an extensive transportation system and sports/accommodation facilities of the highest standard, to ensure comfort for all visitors. But what makes Tokyo so special? Tokyo “has it all” within easy reach - excitement and relaxation, urban comfort and rural tranquility - all at hand in its three areas: central Tokyo, Tama, and the Islands.

Central Tokyo (the 23 wards) is a vibrant area continuously growing and offers so many spots to explore, whatever you are after - fashion, food, culture, or technology - along with popular historic sites or temples, shrines, and abundant urban green to unwind yourself. Less than an hour’s train journey west from central Tokyo will take you to the peaceful Tama area. There you can enjoy beautiful parks, valley-trekking, and hiking in the mountains, such as Mt. Takao that has been awarded three stars in the world-famous guide, the highest ranking a destination can get, putting it on par with Mt. Fuji. The Islands area is also easily accessible from central Tokyo, offering unspoiled beautiful natural scenery with trekking and marine sports opportunities.

As a sports-oriented city hosting the Tokyo 2020 Games, Tokyo strives to showcase its passion for sports to the world through the establishment of a “Sport City Tokyo”, where sports enhance the city and enrich people’s lives. While preparing to deliver the “Best Games Ever”, we are also ready to host Pre-Games training camps. Gymnasiums of various sizes, certified athletic fields, and universities capable of serving every athlete’s needs are all within an hour’s drive from the Olympic Village downtown. Each camp site has hotel options and emergency hospitals nearby, allowing you to focus on training to achieve your goals at the Tokyo 2020 Games. Last and most important, Tokyo residents are ready to welcome athletes with respect and warm hospitality. We have it all. Come on!

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