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The second largest population

Located in the center of Japan, Kanagawa Prefecture has the second largest population in Japan.

In the 2,400 square meters compact prefectural land, there are both vibrant towns on the East side and a quiet, green country side on the west. Yokohama is a trendsetting city with a great urban view. You can experience traditional Japanese food and culture in the historical city of Kamakura. Surrounded by lush mountains, Hakone has an abundance of hot springs and preserves Japanese tradition.

The most suitable for Pre-Games camp

Kanagawa is the most suitable for Pre-Games camp for the following three reasons; great accessibility, a variety of facility choices, and an athlete friendly environment.

The biggest advantage is our access from the Olympic Village. Kanagawa offers convenient access to neighboring Tokyo, the host city of the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic games. We also offer easy access from the two international airports.

The second point we would like to mention is our facilities. A variety of athletic facilities in our prefecture will meet the diverse needs of all competing athletes. International and domestic competitions have taken place in these facilities in the past. Kanagawa offers various accommodation options from urban hotels to traditional Japanese inns in hot spring areas.

Finally, we offer an athlete-friendly environment. The climate in Kanagawa is the same as in the Olympic venues. In addition, we offer many registered guide-interpreters.

The PORT of SHONAN, Enoshima

Also, Kanagawa is blessed with a close proximity to the ocean and a wonderful ocean culture. It is known for a variety of water sports and is home to some of Japan’s most beautiful beaches. The PORT of SHONAN, Enoshima has been selected as a Sailing venue for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games in June, 2015. Furthermore, Kanagawa and Yokohama city have been selected as host venues of the Rugby World Cup in 2019. The active effort of the Kanagawa government has helped raise the interest in sports for people of Kanagawa.

For all of these reasons, Kanagawa has a suitable environment for Pre-Games camps. The residents in Kanagawa are now preparing to provide an optimal environment for your athletes so that they can compete in their best condition at the Tokyo 2020 games. We look forward to welcoming you in Kanagawa.

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