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(1)Location & Accessibility

Yamanashi, well-known as home of Mt. Fuji, is located in the central part of Japan. From Shinjuku to Tokyo, it takes only 90 minutes to get to Kofu City, the capital of Yamanashi, by highway bus, or the JR Chuo Line Limited Express train. This convenient location of Yamanashi makes your team to travel to Tokyo metropolitan areas in a blink of an eye!

(2) Promoting Sports Activities

Yamanashi Prefecture has one of the highest rates of annual sunshine and is the biggest source of the cleanest mineral water of Japan. This abundance of clean nature makes Yamanashi the ideal place of athletes to train. More importantly, Yamanashi has a number of excellent sports teams and athletes who have excelled at national level, namely in weight lifting, wrestling, Karate, field hockey, football, and rugby. Training and interacting with these competitive Yamanashi players will bring out the best performance in your athletes and help them train harder and more efficiently. In order to manage training camp tasks more efficiently, Yamanashi Prefecture founded “Yamanashi Sports Camp Support Desk” to provide necessary information and answer all inquiries for those looking for good places for training camps. In fact, recently, Yamanashi successfully supported the Japanese team by providing a suitable camp environment for “The World Championships in Athletics in Beijing.”

(3) Sightseeing and local taste

Mt. Fuji has been attracting many visitors from all over the world, especially since it has been designated as a World Heritage Site. Onsen-spa facilities with views of the magnificence of Mt. Fuji will not only help athletes recuperate physically after training, but will also help them to relax mentally, so that they can achieve their full potential during the competition. On top of this, being the birthplace of Japanese wine, Yamanashi is also gaining world-wide recognition for its locally-produced wine. The white wine made from “Koshu,” a Yamanashi original grape variety, is famous for pairing well with all kinds of cuisines. Moreover, Yamanashi, with its ideal weather conditions and rich nature, is the top producer of various fruits, namely grapes, peaches, and plums. They don’t only serve as delicious snacks, but also provide essential vitamins and minerals to promote good health.

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