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Rooftop of Japan Nagano Prefecture is located in the center of Japan, and surrounded by mountains rising above 3,000m, called the “Rooftop of Japan”. These magnificent mountains offer Japan's leading landscapes, dotted with many world-renowned tourist sites. Nagano is also located within a radius of about 250km from major hub airports in Japan; Narita, Haneda and Chubu. We are well-served by major railways and expressways, and easily accessed from Tokyo, where the Olympic and Paralympic Games will be held.

Training campsites in the summer Nagano's climate is characterized by a large temperature difference between day and night, and low humidity. Highlands with cool climate are especially popular among athletes as training campsites in the summer.

The 18th Winter Olympic and the 7th Winter Paralympic Games We cannot talk about Nagano's sports administration without mentioning the 18th Winter Olympic and the 7th Winter Paralympic Games in 1998. President Samaranch of the IOC at that time highly evaluated the games in Nagano as “the best games ever with the best organization in the history of the Winter Olympics.” The Olympic facilities and experiences of hosting the Olympic Games are our legacy, and they are continued to be used for various international games.

Every year, ski grounds in Hakuba, Shiga Highlands and Nozawa Onsen which hosted the Olympic Games are visited by many winter sports lovers from both inside and outside of Japan. These visitors also enjoy beautiful mountain landscapes, historical buildings and tasty farm products grown in the nature of Nagano Prefecture. Please visit Nagano Prefecture in the summer of 2020, when the Tokyo Olympic Games are held, to enjoy our cool summer and tasty food!

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