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Located in the center of Honshu

Kyoto Prefecture is located in the center of Honshu, Japan’s main island. It can be reached in 2 hours and 30 minutes from Tokyo by using the JR bullet trains, in 60 minutes by bus from Osaka International Airport, and also in 75 minutes by JR Express trains from Kansai International Airport. Kyoto Prefecture with a population of 2.6 million people, covers an area of approximately 4,600km2 from its core in the center of the Kinki District.

The crossroads of Japanese history

Since the end of the Nara Period (794), Kyoto has functioned as the crossroads of Japanese history. Since its beginnings as the Kunikyo and Nagaokakyo settlements until the Emperor moved to Tokyo (1868), it was the capital of Japan for over 1000 years. Even today, Kyoto is the cultural center of Japan, and continues to be loved by Japanese and people from around the world alike. Its rich culture is complemented by the passion the people in Kyoto have for sports.

Lots of sports teams

Lots of sports teams are based in Kyoto: Kyoto Sanga, a well-known professional football club; Kyoto Hannaryz, a competitive professional basketball club; Kyoto Flora, one of the few women’s professional baseball teams in Japan; and a variety of business group sports teams. The residents of Kyoto Prefecture have a spirit of support and encouragement for athletes.

A friendly relationship with tourists and residents

Furthermore, the people of Kyoto have nurtured a friendly relationship with tourists and residents from all over the world. They are willing to help people from other countries with kindness, even if they do not speak the same language. For all of these reasons, choosing Kyoto as your base for the Pre-Games training camps would be ideal. Everyone in Kyoto is looking forward to your stay and everyone is excited about taking the opportunities to support you in your endeavours for success.

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