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A cosmopolitan city

Nara saw the foundation of Japan as a national state. Nara was called “Yamato Country” in ancient times and various cultures that originated in this period still continue today. Nara flourished as a cosmopolitan city along the Silk Road after the capital Heijokyo was established in 710.

3 out of 19 Japan’s World Heritage Sites can be found in Nara. Many tourists visit Nara to enjoy these cultural assets and beautiful scenes.

Nara is only 50 minutes from Kansai International Airport which is the gateway to Kansai, Japan. The northwestern region, bordered by Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe, are developed urban neighborhoods, while the southern region boasts a beautiful natural environment. Agricultural industry is represented by Yoshino cedar wood, and the leisure industry thrives at Kinokawa River.

Sports Promotion

In regard to sports, we have been promoting exercise with an aim to create an environment where anybody can do sport at any time and any place. Based on the “Nara Prefectural Sports Promotion Plan” which was established in 2013, the people of Nara work to promote active living, good health and longevity. Nara have hosted a number of training camps. These include: Tunisia’s national team at the 2002 Japan and South Korea FIFA World Cup; Singapore’s national swimming team at the 17th Asian Games; and the Australian women’s national soccer team at the final round of Asian qualifiers for the Rio de Janeiro Olympic. In addition to these camps, we have been working on international exchange initiatives such as connecting local high school students with South Africa’s national rugby team.

Nara is rich in nature and offers a great natural environment to exercise and sports. We are sure these environments will further help your athletes to improve their performance at the Games.

We promise to create an environment where foreigners feel comfortable, and we look forward to welcoming them to our facilities where they can enjoy and experience Nara’s culture.

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