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Tottori Prefecture is located in western Japan amidst a natural environment with the Sea of Japan to the north, and the Chugoku mountain range to the south. Although Tottori is the least populated prefecture in Japan, it is home to two airports (Tottori Airport & Yonago Airport), which allow travel to and from Tokyo in one hour and twenty minutes. The airports are located close to the city center and major sporting facilities.

Population: Approx. 570,000 Area: 3,507 km² Municipalities: 4 cities, 14 towns, 1 village

Sports Promotion

There are many sports facilities in Tottori, such as the Fuse Sports Park which hosted a training camp for the Jamaican Track and Field Team in 2007 and 2015. The sports facilities are surrounded by nature and offer a relaxing environment for training.

Tottori Prefecture, in collaboration with local municipalities and sports organizations, has formed the Tottori Prefecture Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Camp Invitation Committee, with the aim of hosting top athletic teams from Japan and abroad in preparation for the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games.


The Tottori Sand Dunes is the largest sand dune in Japan. Visitors can enjoy fumon ripples which are created by the wind on the sand surface. The Tottori Sand Dunes is also the site of the Sand Museum, the only permanent facility in the world which exclusively displays sand sculptures.

The National Treasure Nageiredo of the Sanbutsuji Temple at Mt. Mitoku is a rare example of architecture built on the side of a vertical cliff. There are many other popular tourism sites such as the Mt. Daisen National Park which is rich with nature and history, and Mizuki Shigeru Road which features over 150 bronze statues of Japanese yokai.

Hot Springs

There are many hot springs in Tottori where visitors can relax their bodies and minds such as Misasa Onsen, a world leading radon spring, Kaike Onsen, a seaside hot spring, and Tottori Onsen, an urban hot spring.

Delicious Foods

Tottori is also known as the “Food Capital” for the abundant fresh food products produced by the four seasons and natural environment of the prefecture. Tottori boasts juicy fruits such as 20th Century pears and watermelons, seafood such as tuna, white squid, oysters, and Matsuba crabs, as well as high quality beef, chicken and much more.

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