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A reliable transportation system

Okayama Prefecture has a reliable transportation system with continued advancement in its accessibility. Some examples include network of highways that extend across the Prefecture, Okayama International Airport which handles domestic and international flights, and shinkansen and trains that connect to all directions.

Land of Sunshine

Known as a prefecture with the least amount of rainfall in Japan, the “Land of Sunshine” is a perfect place to have training camps.

Okayama Prefectural Multipurpose Grounds

The sports mecca Okayama Prefectural Multipurpose Grounds is located a 20-minute walk away from Okayama Station, which serves the Nozomi Shinkansen. The facility hosted many national leagues for track-and-field, soccer, and volleyball, making it a special place for many people.

Mimasaka city

In addition, Mimasaka city located in northern Okayama has a total of five natural grass, artificial turf, and clay fields, making it one of the most prominent sports facilities for rugby and soccer in western Japan. Due to its cool summer and dry autumn, Mimasaka is an ideal location for practicing sports. Five minutes away from the facility is Yunogo Onsen, where you can bathe in sodium and calcium chloride hot spring at 40 to 43 degrees Celsius. This hot spring is said to have healing effects that are perfect for recovering fatigue from a long day of practice.

Camp grounds in this area