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Yamaguchi Prefecture is located on the westernmost tip of Japan’s largest island and is the ideal region for training due to its peaceful environment (relatively few damaging storms and earthquakes). In addition, the average temperature, highest temperature, and average humidity data report from Yamaguchi in August 2015 yielded almost the same values as Tokyo, where the Olympic Games will be held.


Yamaguchi has been a large stage for change from the Samurai era to modern-day Japanese society. Out of the 23 Meiji Japan’s Industrial Revolution Heritage Sites, 5 are located in Yamaguchi.


We have 2 airports and 5 Shinkansen stations, thus making Yamaguchi very accessible. By plane, it takes 1.5 hours from Tokyo to reach Yamaguchi. By Shinkansen, it takes 2 hours from Osaka and only 30 minutes from Fukuoka.

Training Facilities

Yamaguchi is located in a peaceful environment offering various facilities for well-equipped training and living accommodations. These include (synchronized) swimming, golf, rugby, and various indoor activities. In addition, citizens work together with the prefecture to help revitalize the towns by participating in their local sports teams.

A Refresher>\

Yamaguchi’s various mystical natural sceneries should not be overlooked. There are many hot springs located within each area of Yamaguchi. It is the perfect refresher after training and viewing the bountiful natural landscapes. The location is also perfect for taking your families on trips to World Heritage sites like Itsukushima, Kyushu.


Yamaguchi prides itself over its various world renowned foods. Nodoguro fish has high protein and is bountiful in amino acids. Locally raised chicken, called Choshu Kuro Kashiwa is served throughout universities’ lodging. Currently, Yamaguchi’s local sake has been gaining recognition.

Citizen’s Hospitality, Omotenashi

In 2015, Yamaguchi held the World Scout Jamboree where people from children to elderly worked together in solidarity to provide hospitality to those from abroad. For the upcoming Olympics, we would like to give everyone our best hospitality by providing suitable training grounds and living accommodations only Yamaguchi can provide!

Camp grounds in this area