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About Kagawa Prefecture

Located in the northeast of Shikoku island, Kagawa Prefecture sits at the heart of the Seto Inland Sea National Park, Japan’s first designated national park. Blessed with little rain, many sunshine hours, and a temperate climate, Kagawa has a lot to offer throughout all four of its seasons. Additionally, Kagawa is also within easy reach of Tokyo with 13 flights a day from Tokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport) and 3 flights a day from Narita International Airport, both taking roughly one hour. (As of September 2015)

Cuisine and food culture

Long beloved by Kagawa’s citizens, “Sanuki Udon” has become synonymous with Kagawa Prefecture. This type of noodle is famed both locally and nationally for its distinctly chewy texture and the flavorsome broth that accompanies it.


The many islands of the Seto Inland Sea along with the rolling green of the Sanuki plain make for a great landscape for exploration. Within that there are world-class sightseeing spots such as the historical Ritsurin Garden and the ancient site of religious worship, Konpira Shrine.

Training camps in Kagawa for world level sporting events

On numerous occasions, Kagawa Prefecture has hosted training camps for athletic teams prior to their participation in international sporting events in both Japan and neighboring countries. With the local government working together with local businesses and citizens, the pre-event training camps have received high praise from participating parties and many teams have returned Kagawa for additional training events.

Osaka World Athletic Championships 2007

Totaling 154 athletes and related personnel, teams from Denmark、Finland、Norway, and Sweden congregated in Kagawa’s Marugame Stadium for 21 days of pre-event training. (August 11th 2007 - August 31st 2007)

Beijing Olympics 2008

For the 2008 Beijing Olympic, 69 athletes and officials primarily from Finland and Denmark took part in a 25-day long training camp in Kagawa’s Marugame Stadium. (July 28th 2008 - August 21st 2008)

Beijing World Championships 2015.

36 athletes from Denmark, Estonia, and Sweden once again came to Kagawa’s Marugame Stadium for an 11-day long pre-event training camp prior to the Beijing World Championship 2015. (August 13th 2015 - August 23rd ).

Camp grounds in this area