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Blessed by beautiful nature

Kochi, located in Southwest Japan and surrounded by rich forested mountains and a diversely shaped coast line, is blessed by beautiful nature. The Shimanto River, Japan’s last clear and rich stream, flows calmly, and the Niyodo River, Japan’s clearest river, casts mysterious blue water.

The climate is mild throughout the year due to its warm ocean current and the longest sunlight hours in Japan. The annual average temperature is 17.7℃ with over 2000 sunlight hours per year. Seafood and produce harvests are amazingly rich. Kochi won the “Greatest Local Food in Japan” award five times in the last six years in a major Japanese travel magazine survey.

Various outdoor activities

Kochi offers various outdoor activities such as rafting, canoeing, surfing, sea-kayaking, and fishing. Furthermore, there is a popular scuba diving spot in western Kochi that boasts the largest variety of fish in Japan.

Training all year around

Over 500 professional and non-professional athletes, including baseball, soccer, and rugby players visit Kochi for training all year around. Kochi also produces athletes who play in national baseball, softball, table tennis, and wrestling teams.

A tropical atmosphere and unique historical/cultural assets

Kochi is famous for many historic heroes that supported Japan’s revolution at the end of the Shogun period. Kochi Castle, located in the capital, is one of the three best night castles in Japan. Parts of Kochi castle have remained the same since the Shogun era prospered 400 years ago. Beloved Sunday markets have been held continuously for 300 years. The Street Car has 100-year history and is still used today. Kochi is also the birth place of the Yosakoi, one of the most famous Japanese dance festivals. Kochi has both a tropical atmosphere and unique historical/cultural assets that no major cities can offer.

In addition to these wonderful features, the most attractive part of Kochi is the warmth and kindness of its people. Great service and supreme hospitality await you. We guarantee that training in Kochi will leave you with big results and pleasant memories.

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