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Fukuoka Prefecture is an ideal location for athletes to train before the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Fukuoka, the largest city in Kyushu, has developed with international exchange at its heart for two thousand years. It is a compact city where tradition, modernity and nature stand side by side.

While Fukuoka is an active hub for travel to the rest of Asia, it also only takes 90 minutes to Tokyo by plane and around 5 hours by bullet train. In the same time zone and with virtually the same climate as Tokyo, Fukuoka’s environment is ideal for athletes’ conditioning before the Games.

Sport is also highly popular in Fukuoka. The prefecture is home to some of Japan’s top professional sports teams. And the prefecture has a wealth of experience in hosting international sports tournaments.

Fukuoka Prefecture has many international standard sports facilities, as well as training camp know-how from hosting camps for the Olympics and World Championships in Athletics.

Fukuoka’s’s hotels offer support in a number of languages and are some of the top-ranked in Japan for comfort and hospitality -crucial for post-training recovery. Blessed with fresh food from the nearby mountains and sea, one of Fukuoka’s ‘s attractions is its wide range of safe and healthy food, which can be prepared flexibleaccordingly to athletes’ needs.

There are free Wi-Fi spots throughout the prefecture and multilingual services are available in everything from transport to medical treatment. Along with over 1800 medical facilities in Fukuoka with foreign language support, the Fukuoka Asian Medical Support Centre provides a range of medical interpretation services for those who do not speak Japanese. No matter the issue, athletes can expect a comfortable stay during their training camp.

The sightseeing destinations in Fukuoka are also worth a visit. The prefecture has long been a key point of exchange between Japan and the rest of Asia, and traces of its long history and culture can be found in its famous sites.

Fukuoka Prefecture is the perfect place for a training camp, able to meet the diverse needs of teams and ensure that athletes can compete in their best condition. Please consider Fukuoka Prefecture in your search for a training camp for the Olympics, Paralympics, Rugby World Cup and other upcoming tournaments.

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