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Kumamoto Prefecture is located in the center of the island of Kyushu in southwestern Japan and has played an important role throughout history as a hub for the government, culture, transportation and economy in Kyushu. The population of Kumamoto prefecture is about 1.8 million. Aso Kumamoto Airport has direct flights with main international airports in Japan. It takes 1 hour and 45 minutes from Tokyo to Kumamoto by plane. In addition, there are direct flights with Seoul (Incheon), Kaohsiung in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Sports Promotion

There are good sports facilities, accommodations, and medical facilities in Kumamoto. Every year, many sports teams and professional soccer teams from Japan and abroad have training camps in Kumamoto. In 2019, one year before of The Games of the XXXII Olympiad and Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, two world tournaments, the Women’s Handball World Championship and the Rugby World Cup, will take place in Kumamoto. 

Kumamoto’s Charm

Aso is one of the world’s largest volcanic calderas. The Aso area is registered as a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System and as a Global Geopark, so Aso is famous all over the world. People are attracted by the various views of Aso that change depending on the season.  Kumamoto Castle is one of the three premier castles in Japan. The Omotenashi Bushotai (samurai) will welcome you when you visit.  Also Kumamoto has many spring water spots, and all of the water used by the citizens of Kumamoto City, and the surrounding metropolitan area, is provided by underground water supplies. In 2013, Kumamoto City received the “Water for Life”award, which is given by the United Nations.  Kumamoto is also known as the “Kingdom of Hot Springs”. You can enjoy the various smells, colours, and effects of hot springs in Kumamoto.


One of the traditional crafts of Kumamoto, “Yamagatoro” is produced by only using traditional Japanese paper and a little glue. At the “Yamagatoro Festival”, ladies put the “Yamagatoro” on their heads, and dance slowly, creating a fantastic and beautiful scene.


Kumamoto has an abundance of nature, and its agriculture, forestry, and fishery products really thrive because of its great ground water. There is a lot of great seafood, rice, vegetables, fruits and other delicious things in Kumamoto. We hope you enjoy the great gourmet in Kumamoto.

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