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Vast land

Kagoshima Prefecture is situated at the southernmost tip of mainland Japan. It is a vast prefecture stretching 600km from north to south comprising two mainland peninsulas, Satsuma Peninsula and Osumi Peninsula, as well as numerous islands.

Warm climate

Kagoshima's climatic zones range from the temperate to the subtropics, and with an average annual temperature of 18.9 degrees Celsius, it is a comfortable climate.

World-class natural environment

Blessed with a diverse and bountiful natural environment, Kagoshima boasts World Natural Heritage Site Yakushima Island; a national park in Kirishima; an active volcano Sakurajima that floats regally above Kagoshima Bay; Ibusuki with its natural sand steam baths; and the Amami archipelago that is a treasure trove of coral reefs and rare wild fauna and flora, among others.

Unique and rich culture and history

Since ancient times, Kagoshima has actively sought exchange with foreign countries, for example, introducing firearms and Christianity to Japan. These exchanges have bred friendly and enterprising personalities, producing pioneers that played a central role in the Meiji Restoration that marked the beginning of Japan's modernization, and also distinguished artists. Together with a rich cuisine and tradition, Kagoshima's community and history is the love and pride of its residents. Many heritage sites of industrial modernization still remain extant, like the 'Shoko Shuseikan' that is part of the World Heritage Site 'Sites of Japan's Meiji Industrial Revolution'.

Training camps that utilize this ideal environment

In addition to being one of Japan's top tourist destinations, its authentic foodstuffs, represented by 'Kuroushi' black cattle and 'Kurobuta' black pork, the abundant hot springs, as well as well-equipped sports facilities and accommodations, make Kagoshima perfect as a base for training camps. It actively attracts and welcomes many athletes of various sports like baseball, soccer, and track and field, who all hold their training camps here. We will warmly welcome everyone with heartfelt hospitality, and hope you would choose Kagoshima Prefecture for your team's Pre-Games training camp.

[Official Website]http://www.pref.kagoshima.jp/foreign/ [Official Tourism Website]http://www.kagoshima-kankou.com/for/

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