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Okinawa prefecture is Japan’s gateway to the South, located at the center of East Asia. It is situated a two and a half hour plane ride or less away from Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai. With approximately 60 flights a day operating between Okinawa and Tokyo, it is easy for athletes to move smoothly between sites, making Okinawa a very convenient location.

In terms of climate, Okinawa has the nation’s only subtropical and oceanic climate, with a yearly average temperature of 23. It is warm year-round, making it easy to conduct training even during the winter. Furthermore, by the time mainland Japan’s rainy season begins in June, Okinawa’s has already passed. This makes Okinawa an ideal location for a pre-Olympic training camp.

In fact, Okinawa is already one of the Japan’s premier training camp sites, with facilities for every type of sport. Many top athletes come to Okinawa for its famed training environment and hold camps throughout the prefecture. Since it is an island, it should also prove to be a convenient base for marine sports.

Because Okinawa is a world-renowned resort destination, it is host to a multitude of tourists each year from both within Japan and abroad. Okinawa boasts over 1,500 lodging facilities including high-class resorts, business hotels, and more. From among these, each visiting team would be able to choose a facility that is best suited to its needs.

In order to respond to the needs of all the various athletic groups, Okinawa Prefecture established the “Sports Commission Okinawa”. Through this commission, athletic groups from all countries will be able to smoothly and easily find training grounds, lodging, and coordinate with the relevant facilities.

Okinawa is also the birthplace of karate, which is now practiced around the world. The traditional “kata,” or karate forms, which are said to strengthen the spirit itself, are kept alive and taught at nearly 400 dojos throughout the prefecture. Experiencing Okinawan karate should prove beneficial for the visiting athletes, who will require calm and inner peace for such an important event.

It is our sincerest hope that athletes from all countries will come to Okinawa for their Pre-Games training. While polishing their skills in this place of peace, they will be able to experience Okinawa’s history, people, culture, and food as they prepare to give their all at the 2020 Olympics.

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