kamogawa city

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866-1 Futo, Kamogawa, Chiba
Département en charge des camps d'entrainement
Sports Promotion Division
Numéro de téléphone
http://www.city.kamogawa.lg.jp/Ouvrir dans une nouvelle fenêtre

Only an hour outside of Tokyo, Kamogawa City is located in south east Chiba Prefecture on the Pacific coast. Home to aquariums and ancient temples, the area is blessed with natural scenery and tourist attractions. With about one hundred different lodging facilities, including hotels and Japanese inns, Kamogawa can receive upwards of 7,000 guests a day. The almost five million visitors a year make Kamogawa a nucleus for tourism in southern Chiba. Cool summers and mild winters mark the area as a perfect place for sports year around, and Pro baseball teams, universities, and high schools come from all around the Tokyo area to use our training facilities. In addition to our certified sport facilities, including soccer field, baseball field with sub-ground, and multipurpose civic gymnasium with artificial turf that can be used for indoor training, we are scheduled to finish construction on a main area, sub-area, as well as a training room in 2018. The culmination of these professional level facilities makes the Kamogawa General Sports Facility a hub for athletics in southern Chiba.

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