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1-1-1 San-no,Akita-shi,Akita
Département en charge des camps d'entrainement
Sports Promotion Division Department of Tourism,Culture and Sports
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Akita City is situated near the centre of Akita Prefecture, and faces the Sea of Japan. It is a beautiful town rich in plant and water, with the Dewa mountain range to the east, the Omonogawa River to the south, and the Asahikawa River flowing through it.

In 1602, Satake Yoshinobu was sent from Hitachi to Akita to become its ruler, and lived in Minato Castle at Tsuchizaki which was the residence of the Ando clan. However, finding that it was not spacious enough, he built a new castle in Yadomenomori (now Senshu Park) in 1604,and started to construct a new castle town called Kubota.This town was the original form of the modern Akita City.

Akita City became an official city in April 1,1889. In April 1997, the city became a "core city," and in January 2005, it merged with Kawabe-machi and Yuwa-machi.


Senshu Park is the former site of Kubota Castle, the residence of the Satake clan, leaders of the Akita domain. In 1896, it was converted into a public park by Nagaoka Yasuhei, a pioneer of modern park design, and named Senshu Park by Kano Ryochi, a scholar of Chinese learning. The park is also well known for its many Somei-yoshino cherry trees, which burst into bloom in springtime, and as there are also many historic sites relating to the Satake clan, it is visited by many tourists from inside and outside the prefecture.


Local Akita sake is the low-temperature, long-term brewing method that is famous among sake brewers. Fine temperature adjustments are continually made, and the maximum temperature of the mash is kept low, to lengthen the number of days the brewing process takes, producing a full-bodied, smooth and fragrant sake.


The Akita Northern Bullets were established in 2004 as an offshoot of the Akita City Hall Rugby Club. As a member of the Top East League Division 1, the team battles with the top teams in East Japan, truly like bullets, with an aggressive rugby style that is always at full force.A

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Stade de Yabase de la ville d’Akita

Stade Yabase de la ville d’Akita

Régions d'Hokkaidô et du Tôhoku / Akita / Akita City Office

Le stade Yabase d'Akita est situé dans le parc des sports de Yabase, à proximité de la partie centrale de la ville d'Akita. Il offre plusieurs installations extérieures pour pratiquer plusieurs sports...

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